Blogisode 59: Depend on Me

In other craftiness, here is the photo tutorial to the diy muscle tank I used:

And below are the muffin recipes I loosely based my baking on this week. This is my photo:

Healthy baking... well, as healthy as it can be.

Healthy baking… well, as healthy as it can be.

In my chocolate muffins, I used coconut oil rather than canola oil, and did not use chocolate chips. I also added a sunflower-butter icing that I invented. Not the best fluffy consistency but seriously tasty.

In my strawberry chocolate muffins I used less sugar then the recipe calls for, and supplemented some of it with maple syrup. I also made jam centers.

The vegan ones are pictured at the back of this heap with the blueberries on top. Here is the recipe I used as inspiration: