Blogisode #23: Where you lead

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Thank yous: JoAnna Spring of knitspinfarm for “tribute episode”
Knitspinfarmual. (linky

Favorite things: “Thanks for the Memories” audio book by Cecelia Ahern
and read by Sile Bermingham
Dad commentary



Liby: earbud cover, snood (mini-slouch), apron
Jessie: not really any real ones…. but I showed you some of my hand
knit socks that I have to darn for a friend

Spinning: Mint Julep, Chartreuse and Turquoise (1 oz
each) on bobbin

Other topics:
Liby: fitness poster and prize/future project
Jessie: small oil on canvas 8  x 10″ textural painting of orange

AND the etsy store where Jessie bought stitch markers, safety eyes and
earings is:



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