Blogisode #22: Hand in my Pocket

[ width=”550″ height=”443″]


Thank You: JoAnnaSpring for Partying it Up and Getting Down socks by
Megan Williams & project bag and stitch markers from JoAnna’s etsy shop. Animal poop stitch markers people… I know!! Dream come true.

Brought to you by:  “coffee” & hazelnut Baileys
Fave things:
Liby: hoarding! aka thrift store shopping
Jessie: exercise poster



Liby: hemmed pants BY HAND I SAY! hair accessories
Jessie: none!


  • Crabtree Farm Fine Merino plied with Mill ends: 220yds of worsted 2ply
  • Crabtree Farm Fine Merino on bobbin
  • Mint Julep 1oz by

Other topics:
Liby: Conversation Cards game

  • quilted wall painting in progress
  • sketchbook page showing thumbnails




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