Blogisode #21: I Will Survive

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Intros: no new members cause no one likes us.
Thank yous: thanks for nothing!
Fave Things:
Liby: dressers
Jessie: Quince Jelly and Desert Landscape painting on velvet
  • lots of alterations
  • Make a Flake mittens designed by Valerie Woodworth using US 0/2mm and Pink Whisper and Rose Grey alpaca yarns from Windrush Alpacas
  • Hermione’s Everyday Socks on US 0/2mm using Sockbunny studios twisty in the “Tangerine Tree” colorway
  • My Hope by Laura Linneman using US 6/4mm and Lea’s Luxuries yarn in “Mottled Evening” colorway
-filled one bobbin with mill ends one ply
-began spinning singles of the fine merino from Crabtree Farm
Other topics:
Jessie: “Kitten in the Sheets” the Dragon saga continues… oil/canvas, 16 x 20″



One thought on “Blogisode #21: I Will Survive

  1. Hey ladies!! I hear nothing but good things about your podcast, but was unable to find you on Itunes?? I used to just stream podcasts via the blogs/websites…but where I am now the streaming is pretty terrible and I have changed over to Itunes as it seems to work better.
    I want to check you out (hahaha) and was wondering if you are planning on uploading to Itunes?!

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