Blogisode #9: Over the rainbow

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Welcome and intros:
Rachel aka TippyToeMonkey who watches the podcast with her son!

Thank you’s:
Nicole (Hotazzknitter) for shout out (for our podcast AND etsy shop) on her podcast “Positively Knitting
Kathy aka Kay116 for the box of tree sweater pieces for K2H and kitty treats!

Favorite things:
Jessie: Wes Anderson films

Liby: magnet from Anne Taintor



  • bit o’ progress on shawl
  • 2 rainbow snoods for custom order


  • abalone by beeta jezek out of “i love this cotton” aqua ombre” color on us7/4.5mm
  • age of brass and steam by orange flower in malibrigo light in “badlands” colorway on us 5/3.75mm with size 6 glass beads in golden color
  • rosebud lace socks by wendy johnson in malibrigo sock “light of love” colorway on us 1 / 2.25mm
  • Green Stripey Socks out of sweet georgia strong sock in “pea shoot” color from Ruth on us 1 / 2. 25mm
  • drunk hat (personal design – frogging) with windrush alpacas “pink whisper” sport (95%alpaca, 5% nylon firestar 2 ply sport.
  • afghan (personal design) out of brown sheep burly spun (sandy dune) and lionbrand woolease thick n quick (grey marble and fisherman) on US 15s

Liby: brain slug  (modification of pattern by speckerna on Ravelry)
custom order pillow for Kristian
custom order Finn hat for Adrian

balaclava using alpaca bulky in “rose grey” color 100%alpaca size US
7 / 4.5mm
rat (henry and henrietta (reb danger)
uma the bandit (reb danger)

Other topics:

Liby: GenCon


Song: Over the Rainbow


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