Blogisode #8: Hey Macarena!

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Just a reminder that we’re hosting a giveaway once we reach 100 members!

Thank yous: Kim gave a shout out on her podcast CraftStash

Jessie’s Favorite thing:

Liby Fave Thing:

  • New Jewelry by Vintaged Faery Creations

Liby WIPs:

Jessie WIPs:

  • Rosebud Lace Socks by Wendy Johnson in Malibrigo “Light of Love” colorway on US1/2.25mm
  • Green Stripey Socks on Sweet Georgia sock in the “Pea Shoot” colorway on US1 /2.25mm
  • Beloved Baby Bonnet by Kathleen Sperling for Liberty
  • and another wip (wips) i’ll save till the end of the podcast so its recipient (my partner in the Rebecca Danger Monster Swap hosted by Joanie of Joanie Knits podcast) can continue to watch this episode

Liby FOs:

  • snood
  • WG sash
  • garters
  • cholis
  • bra

Liby’s FOs can usually be found here for purchase!!

Jessie FOs:

  • Blair by Thayer Preece out of Madeline Tosh dk In “byzantine” colorway on US 6/4mm
  • Hitchhiker by Martina Behm out of Shoppevoll in the “cranberries”  colorwway on US 5/3.75mm
  • Westinghouse by Amy Gaines using hook size G and alpaca/silk from Serenity Stitches
  • Lemonade Leo by me out of yarn vs. zombies “peachy keen” colorway on US1.5/2.5mm
  • Bob the Blob out of 100% superwash merino handspun and handdyed on US 5/3.75mm
  • Weeb the Zombie dude by Amy Spinler out of Gherkins Bucket in the “who’s lovin’ you” colorway

Other Topics:



  • Block of the month on
  • nesting in my new house and garage sale shabby chic cupboard

Official announcement of our functional Etsy store!


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