Blogisode #6 “Oh Canada”

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Show notes:

Introductions: 60 members, yay!  Let’s do a giveaway when we reach 100!
Today is brought to you by: coffee WITH CREAMER! and whiskey (iced tea) in a jam jar aka a Canadian flask
Favorite things:
Liby WIPs:
Jessie WIPs:
  • Blair” by Thayer Preece, making size 39″ madeline tosh dk in the byzantine colorway on US6/4mm
  • Rosebud Socks” by Wendy Johnson out of malibrigo “light of love” colorway on US 1/2.25mm
  • Hitchiker” by Martina Behm out of Zauberball by Schoppewoll in the “cranberries” colorway on US 5/3.75mm
  • The Brit’s Hiking Socks” out of Fleece Artist “trail socks” US 1/2.25mm yarn from NOVA SCOTIA
Liby FOs:
  • No finished objects this week. You may weep.
Jessie FOs:
  • Rapids” by me using Posh yarn in Esme colorway on US 5/3.75mm
  • Stripy Socks” for the Brit using Opal in “zorro” colorway on US 1/2.25mm
  • Eiffel Tower dishcloth” by from QUEBEC
Book Review:
  • The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil
Other topics:
  • painting of cabin and dog for brother’s friend’s wedding, oil on canvas, 11 x 14″
  • Benefit for Angela
Now please join us in singing the national anthem..

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