Blogisode #5: Just the two of us… and our felines

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Show Notes:

Intros : since we hit 50+ members, we’re only doing intros from the discussion thread.
Thank yous:
Sam of Knitrundig
Heather of highland handmades
Kimberlee of sock bunny knit and fit
Joanie (lotsuvyarn)of Joanieknits
Go watch all these ladies and their great video podcasts!
This show is brought to you by: coffee and green smoothie
Also, we are running a little late due to some unforeseen events, #1 being Liby burning her hand, #2 being dumpster kitten Dragon! (or DK as we call her…)
Favorite things:
  • scissor earings
  • new crin hair falls by T-Kitty,
  • dumpster Kitten Dragon
Liby wips:
  • stripey shawl (sleeping)
  • new custom wedding gown design!
Jessie wips:
  • blair” by thayer preece size 39″ in madeline tosh dk in byzantine on US 6/4mm
  • stripy socks” for the brit out of opal in zorro colorway US 1/2.25mm
  • rosebud socks” wendy johnson out of malibrigo in light of love on US 1/2.25mm
  • rapids” by me out of posh yarn in esme colorway us 5/3.75mm – this design is especially for varigated yarns
Liby FOs
Jessie FOs
Other Topics:

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